Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, where were we? Now we've got all the plumbing in and inspected, all the electricity in and inspected, the framing has had it's inspection, the heat and air is in and inspected, the ducts have been cleaned and sealed, and the cabinets have been ordered.


I've ordered both faucets and the bar/veggie sink. The other sink comes with the countertop, but I have to pay for the holes to put them in....kind of like the donut is free, but you have to pay for the donut holes!

The beadboard ceiling is in and it looks wonderful!

Monday will be an exciting day...that's when the Biofoam (Bio-Foam Insulation of Arkansas - Foam Insulation Applicators ) insulation will go in, not only in the new kitchen, but all the way around the house! I can't wait!

It's really beginning to look good in there! I've got pictures to post this weekend.

Stay tuned.....

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