Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, it rained the last couple of days, on and off, but it's stayed pretty cool. The shingles are mostly on as of today, and the electricity looks to be mostly in.....still have the plumbing to go in this week, then we can get inspections! It's beginning to look like a real room.

Finally got an appointment set with the cable company to take down the overhead wire. About time.

Tomorrow the new heat and air unit will be installed along with the duct cleaning and sealing. I'm really looking forward to getting that under my belt. Hopefully, it means we won't be freezing again this winter, and my bills won't be more than my income.

I plan to take more pictures tomorrow and get them loaded soon....things don't look much different than the last ones, though. You'll have to look closer to see the finer details that are going in....

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