Saturday, August 30, 2008

Coming Together

This was a busy week! Besides the exciting installation of the insulation (never thought I'd say THAT! Insulation installation is exciting?? I think I need a life!), the sheetrock is all up and taped now. Just a few coats of mud and it'll be ready to paint! As soon as the sheetrock is ready we can put the tile in. They're also going to be working on finishing up the rest of the outside of the house in the next couple of weeks. It'll be so nice to come home to a house that looks "almost" finished, instead of "in progress". It's all beginning to come together very well. By this time next week, I might have new posts on the front of the house, or maybe even the final paint color on the siding!

My two faucets and my small bar/veggie sink came in this week too. I got good deals on all of them from eBay 
I think one of the hardest parts of not having a kitchen is not being able to wash things. The sink in the bathroom is way too small and I can't really bend over and wash things in the tub very well. Other than that, and not being able to cook, it's not too bad. The dogs are used to the alternate way to the back door. My mom is used to us having to tromp through her bedroom to get outside every morning. She just rolls over and goes back to sleep. 

Now that the insulation is in, I don't have to worry about trying to air condition all of Hillcrest anymore. There were so many big gaps and holes everywhere, it almost seemed like I might as well be living in a tent. In fact, a tent would probably have fewer holes! But not anymore. Now it's more like living in an ice chest, with solid foam walls! And they're made out of soybeans!

Yesterday I got a delivery date of Sept. 23rd for my cabinets! 

I've been taking some pictures of the walls with the sheetrock going up. I'll try to get them posted this weekend.

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